About GHS

Veronica Alois (Brown U.) – Seth Goodrich – Olivia Bryant (Sacred Heart U.)

Seth Goodrich started Goodrich Hockey Clinics and Showcases to give players the opportunity to develop their hockey skills both on and off the ice. GHCS strives to help individuals reach their full potential as a hockey player.

GCHS also gives female hockey players the opportunity to participate in prep school and college exposure showcases. The main purpose of these showcases is to help players be recruited by coaches at the preparatory and collegiate levels.

On ice clinics allow us to work with the players during both the season and off season.

The off ice clinics give players an advantage over others as they are focusing on improving their skating ability on the treadmill and perfecting their shot and stick handling on the synthetic ice surface.

All clinics and showcases are conducted in a fun and engaging atmosphere where players are pushed out of their comfort zones and given the opportunities to achieve their goals and aspirations.